Bio Fuels, bogus or worth the trouble?

Howtomakeawindmill5We didn’t want to just talk about how to make a windmill, but also some other green energy, money saving options aside from building a windmill.

In this article we are going to look a little closer at the options, that we have to reduce our bill regarding the ever increasing gas prices.

There is a whole bunch of good reasons, why you whould consider to change your fuel habits:

  • The economic cost of producing fossil fuels
  • Dependence on foreign oil as opposed to home grown solutions, that help our economy and are less expensive to transport
  • Concerns about our environment

If you are like us, you are looking for a better way to fuel your vehicle.

All you need is a little time, an adventurous spirit and a small does of mechanical know-how, to make your own Mini Bio Diesel production facility and begin pumping your own homemade fuel.

You’ll be recycling oil (good for the environment) and turn in into your own homemade fuel (saves you a lot of money).

It will require just a small upfront investment to build your own biodiesel processor, but you can produce your fuel for $0,50 – $0.90 per gallon.

There are a couple of step by step instruction guides out there, showing you what materials you need and how to put together a fuel reactor.

You’ll find more information by clicking right HERE.

Or you can check out the best selling product on how to convert your car to use a water fuel conversion system by clicking HERE.

Another very interesting website about converting your car to run on electricity featuring videos from Tom Hanks and Danny DeVito you can check out by clicking HERE.

Note: We at – how to make a windmill – did check out the Bio Diesel guide ourselves and can assure you, that with a little effort it works great.

We did not check into the guide on how to convert your car to run with water or on electricity.

If you should decide, to try out one of these methods, let us know, how it went.